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The electric car promotion is also known as an environmental bonus and applies retrospectively to purchases made after May 18th. The Federal Cabinet had already decided in mid-May that electric cars with a list price of up to 60,000 euros should be subsidized with a bonus. As already mentioned, the federal government and manufacturers subsidize electric vehicles with 4,000 euros and hybrid vehicles with 3,000 euros. 1.2 billion euros are available for funding for electric cars. These funds will be enough for up to 400,000 cars and up to approx. 2019. Fortunately, the processing of the funding applications goes very quickly. On average, it should take less than 4 weeks. At least that is what Bafa boss Arnold Wallraff promises, who has hired ten new employees for faster processing. For comparison: With the scrapping bonus in 2009, the processing of the applications took around 5 weeks. This processing time should be significantly shorter for the environmental bonus for electric and hybrid cars. That is at least what we are striving for.

Funding for electric cars: Further components of the funding

The promotion of the e-car also includes other modules that have also been available since April 1, 2016. The self-employed have the option of receiving 1,000 euros in addition to the basic bonus, for example. Provided you send your old car with a combustion engine to the scrap press. You can receive an additional bonus when you fill up with green electricity. This is then 500 euros. It is currently unclear whether these modules can continue to be offered. The subsidies that can definitely continue to be used include state subsidies for commercially used e-scooters, cargo bikes with electronic support and pedelecs.

So far, around 231 electric cars, 65 light electric vehicles and 220 pedelecs have been funded in this area. The maximum funding is 500 euros per pedelec and 1000 euros per e-cargo bike. 99 charging points on private properties have also been funded so far. This should result in a funding amount of around one million so far, which has flowed from the municipal funding program. Nevertheless, there are still enough funds left, as the funding pot contains a total of 22 million. The town hall Greens want a large proportion of the money to be invested in the construction of new charging stations. The voter group Hut, Piraten and FDP criticize the promotion of individual vehicles. They think it’s a waste of money. The parliamentary group leader Michael Mattar is of the opinion that one could have saved this funding. It is now important that the money goes into building a comprehensive charging infrastructure. Michael Matter not only wants to support charging stations for electric vehicles, but also the construction of hydrogen filling stations.